Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hola mi Gente! My name is ANIYSHA SUE REYES Im from Dorado, PR and I moved to Orlando,Fl from Albany,NY about 3yrs ago. Im a very outgoing, optimistic, open minded fun girl. Right now I’m finishing off school, mayoring in Psychology,hopefully moving to Miami then Spain,Im also a working model. I have work with companies such as Budweiser, Swisher Sweets,DonQ rum, HIN, Dub and other promotional companies. Im also a video model Ive appeared with artist such as Baby Rasta y Gringo, Treal, Dj Prostyle, Jadakiss, Pitbull ect. I’ve also been on some local magazines, calendars for La Mega radio station, and 2010 Swisher sweets Calendar


Her name is ENDIA HOWZE but many call her Endi. From a early age, Endia always caught the attention of those around her whether it be with her singing, dancing, being witty or even just giving a smile and brightening up someone’s day. As a child her activities included being in beauty pageants, ballet class, gymnastics, belly dancing, choir, basketball, track, volleyball, and hip hop dance. With always being so versatile as a child and willing to try almost anything, that helped to shape and mold Endia into the adventurous and talented woman that she is now.
Today she is still letting her light shine brightly if not brighter than ever before as she shares her passions through what she likes to call “The Wonders of Endia”. On her website, she hopes to entertain, fascinate, draw you in and keep your attention by showcasing her love for entertaining people with her dancing, singing, drawing and modeling . She has captured the eyes and hearts of many, from teaching dance to performing in front of thousands. From making one person laugh to a whole room roaring. From strutting her stuff on the runway to helping another model with an audition. From a small choir to a one woman show. Endia will never cease to amaze you so I hope that you will stay tuned and see what this young entrepreneur has in store for you next.



GIZEL is a beautiful, exotic and professional model from Las Vegas, NV with an amazing body. Her work is very tasteful and innovative